Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Comic-con Update: Books, Toys and art OH MY!

Well, it's over and somehow I managed to survive! I can't even begin to explain what a monumental task it is to have a booth at the almighty Comic-con, yet it is at the same time it holds some of the most memorable moments of my year! This year was the most successful by far! My sister Miss Mindy and I debuted our vinyl art toys "Mischievous Maeve" and "Dink" (by Kaching Brands, showcased and sold by Toy Tokyo). We also were selling copies of our Artist Sister's Box o' Stories (Children's book collection). We had tons o' art, prints, collectors pins and other things for sale. We made tons of new friends and had a blast all around. (See photo of our booth with Miss Mindy posing, and the b/w photo of us signing our toys at the Vinyl Toy Network event!) If you'd like to get a toy, there are still a few available through 3-D Retro. See the links page to visit their site.