Thursday, January 22, 2009

Poem to Mischievous Maeve

Pursuing this career in art can have its ups and downs, but every now and again I'll get a nice note from a fan of my work, or an email that makes my day. That really connects and makes me feel that my work has a higher purpose, that it's getting to people, giving them feelings of joy - or sorrow, or a different awareness.

This poem/letter above was hand written and given to me by a dear and creative girl named Nikki! It is written about one of my character creations "Mischievous Maeve".

It reads "Dearest Maeve, You live in a spidery cave. There's nothing but fireflies on the swamp in the dark and in the light, they're always ready for full flight. She is independent and sweet, I love it every time we meet! Even though you can look mean, you love your little lima-beans! In daylight you always fly your kite. You may not be the nicest of creatures, but you are underneath it all. I love you! Don't forget to call!
From Nikki."

Wow. Thanks for this Nikki! I love it!