Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lost At Sea - New work

I try to venture into new techniques every once in a while. Painting the same way, with the same materials sometimes drives me nuts! Aren't artist's supposed to experiment? When falling into a design rut, one must shake things up a bit. This piece isn't a total departure from my "Secret Live's of Dolls" series of girl/woman portraits, but it felt really good to do. This is a 24x24 inch piece (a larger size for me!) I've been working a bit more with layering decorative and graphic elements in my pieces as well as using pencil and colored tissue. I love how it layers meanings, and makes you want to look deeper into the piece.

My next pieces I'm delving into some Monster derived pieces that pay homage to the King o' the wild things - Maurice Sendak. It's a group show at the Wonderful World Art Gallery, in Culver City. I'll post some images of art in progress soon.