Sunday, June 17, 2007

Up & Coming

Much is happening! The Comic-con is fast approaching, and my sis and I are feverishly putting together paintings, updating websites, creating promotional materials...Whew! It can truly be exhausting. But I have an especially great feeling about this year. Books, vinyl toys, gallery shows - it's all coming together.

Oh yeah! and I'm even preparing for an open studio event this July 8th. Check out the card + ad I placed in the Verdugo Monthly. That same day I'm having some friends over to sell their wonderful creative wares in the courtyard at my studio. If you are local, you should come on by.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I made a painting today!

Here's a painting I started today! It was so nice to turn off my computer and just paint, uninterrupted for a few hours. The piece is untitled right now, and is part of a series of robot icons I'm painting for my Windup Gallery Show in Arizona in August. I'm thinking of framing it with a bulky cheesy gold frame. Hope you like it!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My Mischievous Maeve Vinyl Art Toy is almost done!

See my toy on

Here's what they said about me "LA artist C.J. Metzger's mixed media art and paintings are full of colorful life and whimsy. Along with her sister Miss Mindy, the two artist sisters' recent joint show @ Gallery Revisted was extremely well-received by a packed gallery of collectors and fans. Her first vinyl art toy, Mischievous Maeve, from Kaching Brands has a cute yet sad feel. In addition to the Color and Mono versions shown above (paint masters), there will also be a secret colorway. Standing 8" tall with a skull accessory, Mischievous Maeve will be released at SDCC. The Artist Sisters are making a splash on all fronts -- fine art, books, illustration and now the ever-expanding world of art toys." Wow... I'm blushing :)