Monday, January 18, 2010

Things to Come - New Work!

Last night I sat in bed and just sketched in my notebook. Funny, some of my best drawings have been scribbled on lined paper! SOmething about the fancy journals with their nice paper that intimidates me... the lined paper is a comfort - takes me back to the early days of art making. Scribbling into school notebooks during and in between classes, embellishing every square inch of a text books brown paper cover. Talk about freedom with creativity. This year I'm making a pact with myself to experiment more, judge myself less, and just be free with my creativity and the whole process. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes out!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Trappings Show - Opening Reception Jan 15th!

The Trapping Show reception at the WWA gallery was a fantastic success! Art sold, and the venue was packed to the brim with art-goers and friends! The show came together lovely, and was hung beautifully by Rob Faucette & the WWA gallery crew. I urge you to swing on by to see the show, being in the heart of Culver City - there are a bunch of great places to nab a bite to eat, then stop in for a bit o' art viewing.

Artists Jeni Yang, Celene, me (CJ Metzger), Miss Mindy, Su Moon, and Dee Chavez were all on hand to do a bit of "on-site" painting for  a good cause! Proceeds from the auction of our collaborative piece will benefit the Lunch Bunch, a super local organization that helps feed Los Angeles Area Homeless. 
check back for photos of this amazing collaborative piece - as it progresses during the month of January!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Forest Inspiration - Yosemite National Park

Ahhh....Sometimes you just need to be outdoors! And Yosemite is by far the best place to get that "out of doors" awe-struck- humbling experience that just puts everything in perspective. It  is so magical and such a special place to me and my family. I've been trekking there since I was just a wee little babe. In fact, my mom toted me in a baby carrier to Vernal falls when I was around 9 months old!
My family and I spent the New Years Holiday up there and braved the winter (mild, but we did get some snow!). Above are a few pic's i snapped from my iPhone. You just can't take a bad photo of that place.
I was hoping to paint a little, and did some sketching, but moreover - I just needed to refresh my mind and let nature make it's visual imprint on me. It was nice to just be little ol' me, quiet, breathing cool air, kicking stones, eating snow. I'll get to painting as soon as I get back home.